[How To] Configuration of VestaCP on Ubuntu VPS Server

Configuration of VestaCP on VPS Server for the first time after the installation of VestaCP.

Unlike CPanel or CectOS Web Panel, the Configuration of VestaCP is quite easy. We know the design and admin interface of vestaCP is simple but amazing. Check out my 512 MB VPS server set up.


First of all, you need to have a fresh preinstalled Linux server with vestaCP. If you don’t know how to install VestaCP on Ubuntu, then read the following topic.

Step:1 Log into VestaCP admin panel

  • Open up your browser.
  • In the URL bar, navigate your vestaCP admin login page. It should be look like https://server.youdoman.tld:8083 or https://yourdomain.tld:8083 or https://your-ip-address:8083.
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on the login icon button
VestaCPadmin page

Step 2: Point out your domain to your VPS Server

You need to point your domain to your server IP address.

  • Log into your domain registration website.
  • Go to the DNS configuration page.
  • Create an A record pointing yourdomain.tld to your server Ip address.
  • Create an “A” record for ns1.yourdomain.tld followed by your server IP address
  • Create another “A” record for ns1.yourdomain.tld and put your server IP address.
  • Create a CNAME record pointing www.yourdomain.tld to yourdomain.tld

Note: Changing DNS can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Manage Domain

Step:3 DNS Set up Within VestaCP

You already have logged-in to your VestaCP admin panel in step 1.

  • Click on the “USER” tab, next navigate admin and click the EDIT button.
  • Change the “Default Name Servers” by your own nameserver created in step 1.

Save IT.

  • Now Click on “DNS” tab.
  • Click on EDIT icon and change SOA by your ns1.yourdomain.tld.
  • Save and click back.
  • Click on ADD RECORD icon.
  • Type NS1 in the record field. Type your server IP into the IP or Value field. Click Add.
  • Repeat the same process by typing ns2, @, www, mail, and mx followed by your server IP address. Click back icon.
  • Now click on DNS, and LIST 20 RECORDS and scroll down. Change the default DNS on your own.

Step 4: Add your domain

  • Click on WEB and then + Green Button ADD WEB DOMAIN.
  • Enter your domain name into the Domain field. Be sure DNS Support and Mail Support are ticked. Save it.

Step 5: Create FTP Account

  • Click on WEB, Then EDIT button.
  • Scroll down. Tick the Additional FTP box.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Leave Path as it is or blank.
  • Save it.

Step 6: Create your database

  • Login to the VestaCP admin panel.
  • Click on DB.
  • Click on + Green ADD DATABASE icon.
  • Enter a database name. into the Database field.
  • Enter the database username into the User field.
  • Enter your password in Password field.
  • Select Type to mysql.
  • Select Host to Localhost.
  • Select Charset utf8mb4.
  • Click on the ADD button to save it.

Step 7: Access phpMyAdmin

  • Login to your VestaCP control panel.
  • Click on DB.
  • Click on PHPMYADMIN. A new login page will open.
  • Enter your database username and password created in step 6.
  • Click GO.
  • Access your Database.

While login to PHPMyAdmin you may face a problem. The problem should look like the image given below.

If you are facing such type of problem then look out the following post.

Step 8: Create an Email Account

  • Follow step 1.
  • Click on MAIL.
  • Enter your email prefix in the Account field.
  • Enter or generate a password in the password field.
  • Save it. Your mail account is now created.
  • To log into your mail, click on OPEN WEBMAIL under the MAIL tab.
  • Provide your email ID and Password
  • Click on the login button.


Now you’re all set. Now you are are ready for use of your website, email and VestaCP server. Look, the configuration of VestaCP on a VPS is simple. Isn’t it?

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