Fix File Permission for WordPress in VestaCP

VestaCP is a great web admin panel for VPS or Dedicated server. It is completely free. It is also lightweight and best for personal use. If you want to install VestaCP on your ubuntu server, then you may read it here.

Here we are going to discuss how to fix and set the VestaCP file permission problem for the WordPress website.

Step 1: Log into your VestaCP control panel using your login credentials.

Step 2: Go to the file manager section. It will open the file manager dashboard.

If you do not have any file manager on your VeataCP admin panel, then we have created a post that helps you to integrate the VestaCP file manager.

Step 3: From there, navigate your domain then your file which you want to set your permission.

In my case, I want to change the permission of WordPress default upload directory.

Step 4: Select the “upload” folder by clicking a single time on it.

Step 5: Click on the “RIGHTS” icon located at top menu.

Now you can see the following dialog. Here you can see the list of permissions.

Step 6: Now you can set your desired file permission from this dialog. Mark a tick on the radio box according to your needs.

Alternatively, you can do this from your SSH terminal. For that, you need to execute the command given below.

cd /home/admin/web/yourdoman/public_html/wp-content/
chmod +x 775

That’s it. you have successfully set your WordPress folder or file permission to 755.

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