[How to] Add/Create New Email Account In VestaCP Web Panel

Creating an email account in the VestaCP web admin panel is quite easy. You can set up your own custom email account with full functionality.

By default, VestaCP uses Roundcube email software client through which one can easily send and receive emails. Of course for that, your hosting company should have allowed SMTP port through which emails can be sent and received.

Here are the following steps to follow to create your custom email account in VestaCP WebPanel.

Step 1: Log into your vestaCP admin panel.

Step 2: Click on the green ADD ACCOUNT button for your domain.

Step 3: Choose your desired name in the Account box.

Step 4: Set your strong password.

Step 5: Set disk Quota for 1024 MB

Step 6: Leave Aliases (use local-part) box empty.

Step 7: You mat set Forward to (one or more email addresses) option by your different emails such as Gmail or yahoo mail. Otherwise, leave this field empty.

Step 8: Finally click on the green ADD button to create your email.

Now you have successfully created a new email account in your own server.

Step 9: To check whether your new email account is working or not, just open the WEBMAIL option. It will redirect to another page where you need to log in providing your newly created email account and password.

Here you will see your email account dashboard. Now you can send and receive emails.

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