[How To] Add Domain in VestaCP Admin Panel

VestaCP provides multiple domain hosting. It is fast and Lightweight. One can easily add multiple domains to the dashboard of the VestaCP web panel to host them.

Currently, I am hosting two domains in my VestaCP 1admin panel and they are working smoothly without any error. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Log into your VestaCP dashboard using your login credentials.

Step 2: Go to WEB and click on the ADD WEB DOMAIN.

Step 3: Enter a new domain name you want to host in the Domain box.

Step 4: Select an IP address

Step 5: Mark tick on DNS Support & Mail Support box

Step 6: Click on the Advance option and mark tick on SSL Support to enable SSL of the domain. Fill the SSL Certificate, SSL Key & SSL Certificate Authority box. Otherwise, put a tick on the Lets Encrypt Support box.

Step 7: Select the web statics to Awstats.

Step 8: You may enable an additional FTP account. Otherwise, leave this box empty.

Step 9: Click on the green Add button to save it.

Now you successfully added your new domain in VestaCP Admin Panel. Good Luck.

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