Install File Manager (net2ftp) on Linux VPS (VestaCP HestiaCP)

A file manager is necessary for easy uploading and download file. However, in many free web control panel such as VestaCP and HestiaCP there is no such file manager. Therefore, many of us, face difficulty to transfer files between local computers to the webserver.

This difficulty is overcome by a free open source small software name net2ftp.

So, here we are going to install a free file manager called net2ftp in our webserver to transfer files. Here are the steps.

Install File Manager (net2ftp) on Ubuntu CentOS VPS

Step 1: Log into your server using an SSH client such as Putty.

Step 2: Go to your domain directory. For VistaCP and HestiaCP it is located at.


Step 3: Mount the directory using command cd.

cd /home/admin/web/

Step 4: Make a directory such as “filemanager“.

mkdir filemanager

Step 5: download net2ftp software using wget command.


Step 5: Now extract the file using unzip command.


Step 6: Navigate the directory /net2ftp_v1.3/.

cd net2ftp_v1.3/
cd files_to_upload/

Step 7: Now move all the files of /files_to_upload/ to your filemanager directory.

mv * /home/admin/web/yourdomain.tld/public_html/filemanager/

Make sure you have change yourdomain.tld by your own domain name.

Step 8: Navigate to your filemanager directory.

cd ..
cd ..

Now you are inside the filemanager directory.

Step 9: Check whether all the files are inside the filemanager directory or not by using ls command.


Step 10: Now edit using your favorite editor like nano.


Step 11: Set your database username password inside that file. Finally, save this file.

Step 12: Change file permission of the directory temp to 777.

chmod 777 temp

Step 13: Now access your filemanager at-


Step 14: Enter your ftp login credentials to login and enjoy a free file manager.

All done. Now enjoy free file manager in VestaCP and HestiaCP.

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