My VPS Server Setup – VestaCP Ubuntu, 512MB RAM

VestaCP on Ubuntu 512 MB Server

I have been associate with blogging for the past 2 years. Earlier, I used a shared hosting service for my domain. When my website started growing, I realized that the shared hosting needs to be upgraded to VPS (Virtual Private Server).

My first problem was money. I did a lot of searches at Google to find out a company that provides low-cost VPS service. Most of them were charging a lot. Somehow, I was able to find out Vultr and Digitalocean. Both are very good and reputed VPS hosting providers in the world.

I have decided to choose Vultr because, for 1 core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB SSD, and 1 dedicated ipv4 (with 1 ipv6) address, Vultr makes a charge 3.5 USD only. That’s great.

Problems: The main problem for running WordPress for my website on a VPS with 512 MB RAM is not performative. As you know, the RAM (512 MB) is not enough for a high traffic website.

Fortunately, I came to know that VestaCP is a lightweight control panel. I have Installed and got a surprise. Truly my server with 512 MB RAM is capable to handle a good amount of traffic without any problem. Obviously you know that it is not so good to handle a high amount of traffic.

My advice for newbies is to choose a low-cost Vultr VPS plan if you are coming from a shared server.

My 512 MB Server Specification

My VPS hardware specificationsThe software/technology used:
Hosting Company:
VPS Plan: 3.50 USD per month.
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 1 Core
Storage: 20 GB SSD
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.4 LTS
Control Panel: VestaCP
Engine: Apache2 + Nginx combination
Database: MySQL 7.X
1 IPv4 with 1 IP v6

My 512 MB CPU Performance

You can see that CPU performance for my website using vestaCP is normal. CPU use is below 20% of its capacity. That’s a cool performance.

My 512 MB CPU Performance
My 512 MB CPU Performance

My 512 MB RAM Memory Uses

You can notice that out of 512 MB ram, about 350 MB is using by my sever. I am running only one website on this server.

My 512 MB RAM Memory Uses
My 512 MB RAM Memory Uses

My 512 MB Server Traffic Performance

Google Analytic performance of 512 MB ubuntu server
WordPress performance of 512 MB Ubuntu server

512 MB server setup process

Well, this will be too long to tell you right here because the server setup is a long process. But within a few days, I will definitely write a post on that matter. For further updates visit my blog regularly. Thank You.

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