Install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin [Easy Steps]

Webmin is a powerful free server management hosting panel having tons of features. Letsencrypt is also a free SSL provider that allows secure encryption between browsers and servers. By default, Letsencrypt SSL is not installed on Webmin. So we need to install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin manually. Here are some easy steps to install it. … Read more

[How To] Configuration of VestaCP on Ubuntu VPS Server

[How To] Configuration of VestaCP on VPS Server

Configuration of VestaCP on VPS Server for the first time after the installation of VestaCP. Unlike CPanel or CectOS Web Panel, the Configuration of VestaCP is quite easy. We know the design and admin interface of vestaCP is simple but amazing. Check out my 512 MB VPS server set up. Contents Step:1 Log into VestaCP … Read more