Install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin [Easy Steps]

Webmin is a powerful free server management hosting panel having tons of features. Letsencrypt is also a free SSL provider that allows secure encryption between browsers and servers. By default, Letsencrypt SSL is not installed on Webmin. So we need to install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin manually. Here are some easy steps to install it. … Read more

How to ZIP UNZIP Files in Linux Server (Compress + Extract)

How to ZIP UNZIP Files in Linux Server

Packing a few documents and envelopes into a solitary distributable single file is the most well-known process done by numerous PC clients around the globe. In Windows, you can just utilize Winzip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc to compressing and extracting documents. My VPS Server Setup – VestaCP Ubuntu, 512MB RAM Compressing records is a simple, proficient … Read more

Enable VestaCP File Manager Free for Lifetime

Get VestaCP File Manager Free for Lifetime

Free VestaCP File Manager for Lifetime: VestaCP is a well-designed file manager. Its graphical interface is modern. A lot of functions are included in it. You can make, delete or rename a folder, upload copy, move or edit any file through your browser. It is inspired by Midnight Commander Development Center. VestaCP does not come … Read more