Install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin [Easy Steps]

Webmin is a powerful free server management hosting panel having tons of features. Letsencrypt is also a free SSL provider that allows secure encryption between browsers and servers. By default, Letsencrypt SSL is not installed on Webmin. So we need to install Letsencrypt SSL on Webmin manually. Here are some easy steps to install it. … Read more

[How to] Enable IPv6 on VestaCP & HestiaCP Manually

How to Enable IPv6 on VestaCP Manually

By default, VestaCP Does not provide any front-end option at the admin panel for implementing IPv6 addresses. Therefore the question is – Is it possible to enable IPv6 for VestaCP? A simple answer to this question is – Yes, It’s possible. Then, how to set up IPv6 access for vestaCP? We can set it up … Read more