[How to] Find VestaCP MySql root Password

[How to] Find VestaCP MySql root Password

Well, there is a bug on VestaCP. When we install VestaCP using a custom password, it won’t change the MySQL root password. Instead, the MySQL server is installed through a default password. We have reported this to the vestaCP team but they didn’t resolve. Contents Step 1. Login to your server Step 2. Edit mysql.conf … Read more

Enable VestaCP File Manager Free for Lifetime

Get VestaCP File Manager Free for Lifetime

Free VestaCP File Manager for Lifetime: VestaCP is a well-designed file manager. Its graphical interface is modern. A lot of functions are included in it. You can make, delete or rename a folder, upload copy, move or edit any file through your browser. It is inspired by Midnight Commander Development Center. VestaCP does not come … Read more

[How to] Enable IPv6 on VestaCP & HestiaCP Manually

How to Enable IPv6 on VestaCP Manually

By default, VestaCP Does not provide any front-end option at the admin panel for implementing IPv6 addresses. Therefore the question is – Is it possible to enable IPv6 for VestaCP? A simple answer to this question is – Yes, It’s possible. Then, how to set up IPv6 access for vestaCP? We can set it up … Read more